Why Santini Foods?California Farms Branded Manufactured Products:

•  Conventional and Organic Sweetened Condensed Milks 

•  Evaporated Milks – Sweet Dessert Syrups and Sauces

•  Santini Foods Co-Manufacturing and Private Label Global Partnerships

•  International Imported Products Trading Expertise

•  Comprehensive USA Retail and Foodservice Distribution Network

•  Export Expertise

California Farms

Our distinguished California Farms milk products are the preferred choice of many when it comes to selecting high-quality goods. Our focus on building strong partnerships invigorates our passion for producing milk products that can be trusted and appreciated.

Santini Co-Packing

Santini specializes in the co-manufacturing of private label sweetened condensed milks and chocolate syrups & sauces in a wide variety of container sizes and types.

About Santini

Santini is a family-owned, low cost producer of high quality products with a reputation for fostering a collaborative working environment where strategic partnerships thrive.

Santini Foods is proud to have earned the following certifications:

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California Farms is available in rBST Free, organic and no cholesterol sweetened condensed milks