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Santini has been importing Italian goods since 1987. With an original item offering that included pasta and marinated artichokes, we have worked closely with suppliers to find the products of highest quality to provide to our customers.

Blood Orange Juice

Mongibello Blood Orange Juice contains juice from 3 varieties of Sicilian blood oranges: Taracco, Moro and Sanguinello. 100% Blood Orange Juice made in Italy.

All natural. No added sugars, Vitamin- rich. Shelf Life of 3 years frozen and 60 days from thawing.

Pack size: 8 X 32 fl oz (1 qt) (950mL)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Truffle Oils

Santini Oils are versatile and elegant products that can be used in countless ways to add a deep, rich layer of flavor to any dish.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Santini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed from the finest select ripe olives. It is famous for its delicate flavor and consistency and is excellent for salads, frying and fine cooking.


Pack size: 12 x 25.4 oz.

White Truffle Oil

Santini’s White Truffle Oil contains 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil that is infused with white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico). It is bottled in Alba, a town in the Piedmont region of Italy that is renowned for its white truffles. Our White Truffle Oil adds a pungent, earthy, complex flavor to any number of pasta dishes. It can also be added to whipped foods like mashed potatoes and deviled eggs to add an unexpected depth of flavor.


Pack size: 6 x 250 ml.

Black Truffle Oil

Santini’s Black Truffle Oil contains 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is infused with black truffles (Tuber Melansuporum Vitt). Our product originates in Norcia, an ancient city in the Southeast corner of Umbria, Italy. Reports of cuisines made with black truffles from Norcia date back to ancient Roman times. The savory and hintingly sweet perfume of Santini’s Black Truffle Oil is a little more subtle and refined that its White Truffle Oil cousin. Great to drizzle over risottos, frittatas, focaccias and pizzas, bowls of pasta and thick soups.


Pack size: 6 x 250 ml.


Imported from Italy, Santini Premium Pestos can be enjoyed as spread on bread and crackers, paired with various cheeses, used as marinade for various types of meat and fish, or mixed with pastas and soups.

Pesto Genovese

Santini’s Premium Pesto Genovese is an Italian classic. Made with the traditional pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and Genovese basil, Pesto Genovese can be used in countless dishes to add a great yet subtle richness.


Pack size: 6 x 9.6 oz.

Sundried Tomato Pesto

The combination of sundried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, Genovese basil and more are what makes Santini’s Sundried Tomato Pesto so great that it can be used in countless ways.


Pack size: 6 x 9.6 oz.

Artichoke Pesto

A slight twist on the classic green pesto, Santini’s Premium Artichoke Pesto is made with a perfect blend of artichokes, sunflower oil, Genovese basil and more for a uniquely delicious taste.


Pack size: 6 x 9.6 oz.

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