Types of Syrups

We have co-manufactured syrups for the confectionary and specialty coffee industries since 1999. Our customers include several internationally known brands of the highest quality syrups and sauces in the marketplace. In total, Santini manufactures 51 different formulas of sauces and syrups. Over 95% of these are private label products. Our broad-based expertise makes us the perfect choice for a company with a strong brand who is looking to extend that brand into the syrup/sauce category.

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Dark Chocolate
Santini currently mixes, blends, batches, processes and labels 17 different formulas of Dark Chocolate syrups and sauces. Each one uses its own unique combination of ingredients and each has its own special processing parameters.

White Chocolate
Santini currently produces 9 different formulas of White Chocolate syrups and sauces. White Chocolate products require constant monitoring because of the sensitive ingredients used in the formulas. We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently process these demanding products.

Santini currently produces 13 different formulas of Caramel syrups and sauces. We are uniquely positioned to produce Caramel syrups and sauces because we produce sweetened condensed milk which is often used in the production of these products.

Dulce de Leche
Our production of Dulce de Leche syrup has grown as the U.S. learns to enjoy this delicious Latin favorite. We make the sweetened condensed milk used in Dulce de Leche.

We also produce several specialty syrups and sauces including Milk Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Chai Tea, and many sugar free syrups and sauces.

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