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Santini has vast expertise at manufacturing a wide variety of chocolate and caramel syrup formulas. We currently manufacture 51 different formulas of dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and a wide variety of other flavored syrups.

  • Santini is the perfect private label partner. Over 95% of our syrup business is private label.

  • We are uniquely positioned to produce Caramel syrups and sauces because we produce sweetened condensed milk which is often used in the production of these products.

  • Santini can label products with impactful 360 degree full body shrink sleeves as well as pressure-sensitive labels

  • Collaborative working environment- we are a team-oriented company. By working together as a team with our partners we can better understand their expectations and efficiently move forward together.

  • Low cost producer- we are a lean, family-owned, low overhead, operation. One of our key goals is to keep our costs down and pass these low costs on to our customers.

  • Commitment to consistent quality- Santini Foods is SQF certified. We are a Nestle qualified processing facility which means we have successfully completed a series of very rigorous Nestle audits.

  • We will grow with you- We have significantly increased our production capability by investing in new shrink sleeving, filling, bottle descrambling/cleaning, and case erecting/packing equipment. In 2013, we will significantly increase our batching/processing capability. These investments demonstrate our willingness to grow with our customers as their business grows.

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